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We Build High Quality Retaining Walls That Last A Lifetime!

  • Over 5000 commercial & residential projects completed since 2012.

  • We can do jobs anywhere... without causing damage to your property

  • All work completed by approved licensed builders

  • Gold Coast - Byron Bay - Ballina - Canungra - Lismore

  • We sell bush rock direct to the public at wholesale price 



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Random Stone Retaining Walls

Random stone is a preferred material for a large majority of our customers due to the aesthetic, economic and structural value it represents.

The artistic appearance and structural integrity of a correctly installed retaining wall, is a proven asset to the property.

The free draining nature of random stone retaining walls, allows water to pass through the stone, relieving surcharge loading, of water drenched soil behind retaining structures.

Gold Coast Retaining Rock Wall

B Grade Sandstone Retaining Walls

B grade sandstone retaining walls, offer a more structured and block like, look, to the wall. This presents as a different shaped, but fundamentally square looking stone, purpose built for clients that seek a slightly higher level of prestige. B grade walls compliment specific home and landscape designs. The stones themselves have 3 cut faces, and need to be installed by specialist, excavator rock wall builders.

Retaincon Gold Coast retaining wall

A Grade Sandstone Retaining Walls

A-grade sandstone retaining walls, represent the top-of-the-line, highest quality and prestige, when it comes to dry sandstone retaining walls.

The tolerance of each stone is usually less than 100mm, each block has 5 cut faces.

 However a common misconception with A-grade stone is that, all blocks are identically the same. This generally speaking, is not the case. Sandstone is a natural product.

We always recommend our valued clientele fully understand this product, and utilise according to design specific elements, theses elements should compliment straight lines and prestige home and landscape designs. 



Our capabilities have grown over the 10 years in business, having started using hire equipment only.

Now we boast a wide variety of in house owned or leased machinery to service earthworks projects.

Our fleet of in house excavators includes 1.7 ton, 2.5 ton, 3.5 ton, 5.5 ton excavators , with further 25 ton and bigger available.

We have a 5 ton tipper and Body truck with further availability for truck and trailers.


The operators on our equipment are all "in house" employees with attention to detail commensurate to our clients requirements.Our team has specific  having skill sets to manage and undertake bulk earthworks or specialist difficult to access areas.


Domestic Rock Walls 

Domestic rock walls, also known as retaining walls or garden rock walls, are structures built to hold back soil and create level areas in landscapes. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in residential settings. Here are some key points about domestic rock walls:

Function: The primary function of a domestic rock wall is to prevent soil erosion and provide stability to uneven terrain. These walls help to retain soil on sloped landscapes, preventing it from sliding or washing away during heavy rains or natural erosion processes.

Aesthetics: Apart from their functional role, rock walls can add a natural and visually appealing element to a garden or outdoor space. They can be designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, adding texture and character to the overall environment.


Civil Rock Walls 

Civil rock walls serve as critical components of infrastructure projects and are used to stabilise slopes, prevent soil erosion, and create level surfaces in transportation systems, water management, and construction projects.

Engineering design is a crucial step in the initial phase of civil rock wall construction. It is imperative that weight bearing structures adhere to an engineered  design, provided by RPEQ qualified, civil engineers and geotechnical experts. The design process involves analysing soil conditions, calculating loads and pressures, and selecting suitable materials and construction methods.

Gold coast retaining walls

Why Choose Retaincon To Build Your
Rock Retaining Wall?

Retaincon is the market leader. As well as being retaining wall specialist, we now sell Bush rock stone direct to the public. Our mission statement is to deliver structurally sound, aesthetic and functional Rock Walls, Bush rock  and Excavation solutions to the Gold Coast  and surrounds, day in, day out.

We are a one stop shop that can facilitate a full design and Retaining Walls Solution in Gold Coast and surrounds. We have the capacity to easily provide all the relevant paper work and approvals where required, and make submissions to local statutory bodies/authorities.

All works rendered by Retaincon are built to Australian standards AS4678 and/or engineer specifications, whether they be self-assessable by local council or engineer assessable.



20 Million


Year Established

Projects Completed



Bush rock for sale gold coast

Rock Sales

We sell basalt bush rock direct to the public.

We pride ourself on environmentally sustainable extraction methods that now give the public an option to buy direct from us the wholesaler at very reasonable, below market prices.

Options for loads size and delivery available.



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