About Us

If you're looking for a retaining wall that won’t cause you costly problems in the future, looks natural, enhances your home instead of detracting from it, and pays for itself by increasing your home value, then here is some especially good news for you!

Rocks give you a stylish retaining wall that gets built once, lasts a lifetime, and adds immediate value to your home.

We are a little biased when it comes to rock retaining walls, and with good reason!

Since 1997 we’ve been responsible for building over 5,000 commercial and residential rock retaining walls. No other material comes close to enhancing a home's style and value like a rock wall does.

Let us explain…

Apart from looking natural, being affordable, dramatically enhancing the look and feel of a yard, and immediately adding value to your home, rock walls don’t cause future problems like timber or block walls can.

And you know what else?

The rocks we use to build retaining walls were formed naturally in the earth millions and millions of years ago.

Now that’s something!

You can forget termites, timber rot, and high winds. These rocks aren’t going anywhere because they are already proven to last millions of years.