Retaincon saves Bob’s Retaining Wall from the verge of collapse

Bob had structural issues with his retaining wall. The wall had a fence adjoined and the retaining wall below was in good shape. Unfortunately, his upper wall had started to lean over significantly and was on the verge of collapse. The elements that combined to make this wall fail were insufficient drainage aggregate behind (minimum 300mm width 85% of wall height), the absence of slotted ag pipe and geotechnical fabric. It was also notable that the pier holes for the upper wall, which were done some time ago, were not constructed to the depth today’s Australian standards for that height or position of wall.

On construction of the new walls, fence and turf, calculations were made to ensure the integrity of the future walls. The factors accounted for were height, position, wind rating (N2) for the fence and drainage of the back yard to mitigate surcharge/excess water building up behind the wall.

The holistic approach paid off once the final finishing touches were made in turf, and no more than few days later we had a large deluge of rain.

This project required significant works on a very strict budget. The end result – one happy customer.